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Ilios Omorphia | 100% Pure Nature Beauty Perfumes


Sweet Momories by mysticism of smell.The smell of the freshness of the flowers or herbs, the sea or a summer rain shower. Well-known aromas that bring back memories.



100% Pure Nature Textiles | Linen, Cotton, Satin, Silk, Wool. Super soft as an ultimatum for comfort.

Supple and springy for softness and for warmth. Elegance.



Exclusive, special made by Greek Artists. A finishing touch.



100% Nature and Hand made beautiful bags. Light, Strong and Comfortable.


Our Mission | About

Kéãr - revives ancient Greek beauty and well-being clean skin care formulas. 100% Pure Nature Products. Genderless use.

Original Accessories, handmade, inspired by beauty of Aphrodite and art works of Pallas Athena.
Pure natural Cotton textiles, smooth as a Greek Chiton with Quotes of Ancient Philosophers.

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KÉÃR | Travel size packages 2 Face Balms & 2 Body Balms

KÉÃR | Travel size packages 2 Face Balms & 2 Body Balms. Travel with KÉÃR.
We call our travel size face and body balms “Little Candy” because they are colourful and playful. All-natural, non-toxic, based on timeless skincare formulas from ancient Greece, Kear face and body balms protect our skin by creating a layer to defend it from stressful elements and environmental pollution. Distributor Ilios Omorphia Epirus